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Party event and social dancefloor with spotlights and red accents

Audio Production

The most impactful events use audio to captivate your audience. The BEYOND team works hard to create the perfect event using professional grade audio equipment and techniques while keeping the design of your event in mind. 

Audi eTron event with an Audi SUV under a blanket ready to be revealed.

Lighting Design

Elevate your event with our expert lighting design, transforming spaces into mesmerizing experiences. From subtle elegance to vibrant energy, our customizable, eco-friendly lighting solutions create unforgettable ambiences. Embrace the power of light to captivate guests and bring your vision to life. Illuminate your event with brilliance and style.

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Video Production

A lot of planning and effort goes into putting together an event, and all for the purpose of sharing a message. Video production is the most effective way to communicate with your attendees. Whether it be screens and projectors or large scale LED walls, BEYOND makes it easy to ensure that connection. If you want to speak to a larger audience, our IMAG and Streaming options can help elevate your message. 

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Video Dance Floor

Whether you’re planning a birthday party, wedding, corporate event, or killer party, an LED Video Dance Floor will leave your guests amazed. The floor can display anything you’d like — from a live video stream to personal photos, custom animations, music videos, football games, and BEYOND. If you can watch it on a traditional screen, you can watch it beneath the feet of your guests. The sky is the limit.


Capture the essence of your event for years to come. Our skilled videography team specializes in discreetly recording your function, ensuring every significant moment is preserved. Enjoy a beautifully produced memento of your event that continues to inspire and celebrate long after the festivities conclude.

If you have an important statement or theme for your event, connect with BEYOND before hand and we will professionally craft your message into videos and stingers to excite and engage your attendees. 


Event Production

Providing a complete event design service using the latest technology in lighting, video production and audio visual. From conception to design to final execution, BEYOND offers a creative collaboration with our superior attention to detail and the finest in customer service.


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