BEYOND’s Colorful uplighting!

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While one of the most popular colors of uplighting is a champagne color BEYOND loves it when clients go a different direction and choose a more colorful uplighting. Three of the most popular colors are purple, pink, and blue. With each color used  you can create a specific ambiance and atmosphere for your wedding or event. 

Purple is a color that is a sign of royalty and is associated with nobility and spirituality and is used to create a warm and elegant atmosphere. It is a popular wedding color choice especially with our TCU clients.beyond-colorful-uplighting-popular-light-colors-purple-pink-blue_0003 beyond-colorful-uplighting-popular-light-colors-purple-pink-blue_0006 beyond-colorful-uplighting-popular-light-colors-purple-pink-blue_0007

Pink is often a popular choice for weddings since it is associated with love, beauty, tenderness, sweetness and the romantic. It is often used in combination with blue and purple.  

beyond-colorful-uplighting-popular-light-colors-purple-pink-blue_0001 beyond-colorful-uplighting-popular-light-colors-purple-pink-blue_0004 beyond-colorful-uplighting-popular-light-colors-purple-pink-blue_0008

Blue is a popular color to give a more party like atmosphere to an events but can also give a more ethereal feel such as to convey a glow of clouds in the sky or to give an effect of water. Blue is also a popular choice for our SMU clients. When choosing a color such as blue or purple we do also suggest a white light is present otherwise having just the blue or purple can create a flat dimensionless room. 

beyond-colorful-uplighting-popular-light-colors-purple-pink-blue_0002 beyond-colorful-uplighting-popular-light-colors-purple-pink-blue_0005 beyond-colorful-uplighting-popular-light-colors-purple-pink-blue_0009