Social Media and the Power of Video

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The power of video… is being used more than ever as social media continues to grow and becomes a stronger influence. But what are these stories about? What is the message that is trying to be conveyed? Are you selling something? Do you want someone to donate to your cause? Are you celebrating an occasion and you want those feel the excitement alongside you?

At BEYOND our Dallas based video production team works side by side with our clients to understand your overall goals when looking to create a video.

Non-profit organizations are relying more on video to share their message, which increases donations and awareness that will make a difference, and social media is making it easier than ever to reach more potential donors, not only are you hitting your internal database of contacts but also you have the power to share on Facebook and repost on Instagram, reaching an untapped audience.  We remind clients that for the most effective video messages on social media are 60 seconds or less. Why is that? Well first and foremost that is all the time Instagram allows you. Second, our attention span is short and we need to be driven to the next something, that something could be another video, a website or a phone number to call to learn more.

We work day in and day out with clients where we produce longer videos, still hoping for 5 minutes or shorter and then later re-edit that 5-minute video into a handful of shorter videos all this allowing you to convey your message in a diverse away.

A perfect example, is the video we produced for Trigger’s Toys | Ultimate Cocktail Experience 2016, a video just over 3 minutes that the client could share to past and future donors and participants, convey the fun of the event and encourage future attendance and most importantly giving back to the organization by raising funds and awareness.  Following the client approval of the 3 minute video, we went in and edited an Instagram edit, a condensed 60 seconds that can be rapidly shared and at the end send people to the website, Facebook page or call to learn more.

Trigger’s Toys | Ultimate Cocktail Experience 2016 from Beyond on Vimeo.

Triggers Toys I Ultimate Cocktail Experience 2016 Instagram from Beyond on Vimeo.

Stay tuned for future video blogs paying tribute and weddings.